The WOOT Clan!!!
Nintendo Wii and DS!

The wonder has a name: WOOT Clan!



  1. What games does WOOT play?

    We play many games on Wii and DS like Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Call of Duty, The Conduit, Water Warfare, Onslaught, Rock Band series, Excitebike World Rally and Naruto for Wii. For DS games include Mario Kart DS, Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.


    We also include other games other members come up with when they make the website for it.

  2. Can you get upgraded in the WOOT clan?

    Yes you can, but in order to, you need to do 1 of the following things. Either bring in many members or help build a website for the clan. We also make a member a moderator for every 10 members who join in  the clan. For an owner, you need 20 more members to join the Clan and for a main owner, you need WOOT to bring in at least 50 more members.


    You must be active on the site while this occurs, so if you are not active for a while, you will miss the chance for yourself to be upgraded. :(


    Please send the leader a private message if you have any questions. :cool:

  3. Can I suggest a game for WOOT?

    Yes, as long as it's for Wii or DS and it has internet connection where you can play others online. Ex) Mario Kart Wii

  4. Want to help the WOOT clan? (upgraded)

    The WOOT clan will offer many things members can do to expand the clan and to rank up members who help out. Some examples of helping are to create a website for a wi-fi game not already included in the clan.


    In order to be able to help out, you need to notify the leader of what you want to do.


    You can do this by either private messaging him on the website, Private chat on the xat chat on the chat page, or e-mail him at [email protected].



  5. How could I get into the hall of fame(or shame)?

    Things you could do to be in Hall of Fame

    1.Show up often on the chat.

    2.Make a page or game site for Woot.

    3.Win a tourney.'

    4.Stay loyal to the chat and do not break the rules



    If you do any of the following,you could end up in the Hall of Fame.

    Getting into the Hall of shame is much easier, but I wouldn't reccomend you try.

    1. Spam the chat

    2. Spam the forums

    3. Insult other members

    4. Get banned

    5. Cheat

    6. Not being a good sport :(

    Ya, you get the point.


  6. Whats with the rules? (why are they so strict?)

    WOOT is for a variety of ages of the human race. Including younger kids, so please stick to the rules... or else >:3

  7. Like OmG I'm NOT on the members list D:

    If you're new/recently joined, you probably might not be on the list of members, most likely becuase...

    A: You havnt joined the actual site


    B: Whoever's in charge of the page hasnt added you becuase they forgot or dont even know you exist.

    If its A, then join the site and then ask an Admin or if its B, just ask an Admin.

  8. __________ keeps harassing me, what should I do?

    Private message an Admin or Moderator and leave it to them to solve the problem.

  9. I've been banned! What do I do?

    Well, if you truley believe you havn't done anything wrong, then you should take it up with an Admin (or one that didn't ban you). If you're innocent, then you should have anything to worry about.

  10. I caught someone cheating/haxing D: What do i do.

    Most glitches in the games we play are OK and not against the rules. but Haxing is.

    If you see someone doing it to unfairly win...

    Tell on em' >:-)

    But don't lie to get someone in trouble, becuase then you'll be a jerk (and in trouble).

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