The WOOT Clan!!!
Nintendo Wii and DS!

The wonder has a name: WOOT Clan!


Ranks to put in your forum signature!  

Ranks are strict, YOU MUST EARN THESE. Do not abuse the ranking by lying, or we will remove the list and assign ranks manually.

Water Warfare Ranks

Members can range from superstar rank to ruby. 

Super Star Ranges from people with accounts of 99999.

Sun Ranges from people who have 30000-99998

 Luna Ranges from people who have 20000-29999

Star Ranges from people who have 10000-19999

Diamond Ranges from people who have 8000-9999

Ruby Ranges from people who have 5000-7999

        This Ranges from 0-4999.

 List by Woot-Slidair

Mario Kart Wii Verse Ranks

a, just choose whichever one you want as long as it fits your rank :P

S Tier Ranks: (3 stars and/or usually 9900+)

S Ranks also get this (If your one of the Clan War Reps:

Blue Shell:


Bullet Bill: 

 A Tier Ranks: (2 star AND 9000+)

Mega Mushroom:



Gold mushroom

B Tier Ranks: (2 star AND below 9000)



Pow Block


C Tier Ranks: (1 star and/or below 8000)

Red shell:

Triple Banana:



D Tier Ranks: (no stars and/or less then 7000)

Fake Box:

Green shell:



List by Woot-Conary
 under construction.

Brawl Ranks

SSBB Ranks:

 Newb - If you barely play the game and have brely anything unlocked.

Novice - Started SSE, have unlocked some character.

Brawler - Beat SSE (story mode), and have all characters except toon link, jiggly puff, and wolf.

Nasty - Beat SSE (story mode), All challenges, and all characters.

Elite - Beat SSE (story mode), all challenges, unlocked all characters, beat boss battle mode, and all the target smashes