The WOOT Clan!!!
Nintendo Wii and DS!

The wonder has a name: WOOT Clan!

Rules of the W∞t!

Here are the rules of the clan!

1. Chat

 -No Cursing!! these words are not allowed : Gay, Noob, Crap etc, You may not say this either ***. we know what you mean.

Breaking this rule more than once in a time period results in a few hour ban. Curse all you want in Clanwii.

- No spamming!(4 or more pointless posts).

After told to stop if continued, will result in 1 day ban.

- No threatening anyone!(bullying is not accepted here) Including racisim.

This is a warning if you do this you are auto banned for a day.

- Keep your opinions about the site to yourself.

If you call it bad, why don't you give the leader some ideas? Not tolerated.

- No advertising any other sites!

Anyone who does this wihtout permission will get a weeks ban.

- Do not show disrespect to any owner,they are your superiors!

Disrespect will not get you anywhere. That means no going up in rank.

- Do not ask to be higher rank(Moderator or owner,you have to work for it).

We will let you know if you can do anything.

- No vulgarity or bad words in your name(the best ****ing thing,for example).

You will be banned until its changed. Let an owner know when your name has changed.

- No fighting(If you have an issue with someone,just ignore them or take it to private chat).

If you have a problem, ignore them, don't cause everyone involved to be banned.

-Do not joke about hacking the chat!

We will most likely decide to rid you for a while.

 -Moderators,do not promote anyone without a owner's or a main owner's decision.

Or you'll be demoted.

-Do not impersonate anyone on the chat.

You will get a warning and if you do not change your name,you will be banned for a few hours or more depending on how many times you were told.

-Do not unban anyone unless it is supported by a majority vote from the other W∞t members. If that person is not wanted back,he or she will stay banned.


2. Tournaments

-Members can host tournaments and other members can join. As long as it is one of the W∞T sites.

-You must send a reply to every tournament if your going to make it or not. No notification will result in no tournament for that person. If you can't make it and you can't contact me, you need to tell me why ASAP!

 Must post in the blog section!(FC's and Videos) and please list the date of the tourney and the tourney.

3. W∞T game sites

- Any member wanting to create a site for a game that is in W∞T, will have to ask the leader for permission. When you have permission, he will create a username and password for you!

4. Forums

- No cursing or other bad language. Feel welcome to post whatever that does not make a bad impact on members or others. 

5. Videos and Photos

-For the safety of others, members will not be allowed to have their profile pic as themselves or anyone they know including members, and also on the chat. Posting will not be allowed with these images or videos. Those who do not follow will be banned until this is fixed.

6. Referrals

-Members can be referred by you to help in promotion in chat and website. The number of people required for promotion depends on which members refer who.

The people you refer must be active enough for them to come back for months.

7. E-mail contact

If anyone wants to ask a question, member or not, PLEASE contact me at...


Rule breaking will cause less of a chance of promotion. These rules are not meant to be broken. Any of these rules that are repeatively broken will result in higher banning times and or removing the member from the clan.

Any misunderstood rules should be reported to the leader. 

Thanks for your cooperation!