The WOOT Clan!!!
Nintendo Wii and DS!

The wonder has a name: WOOT Clan!

Tourney and Contest Winners

congratulations to...



1st Mario Kart Wii Tourney:  WooT-Slidair!!



 Site Banner Contest: WooT-BlueBlur!!



 Pokemon Sprite Contest: WooT-Conary!!


2nd Mario Kart Wii Tourney:

1st: WooT-Slidair!

2nd: WooT-Conary!

3rd: Geek Squadren!


3rd Mario Kart Tourney:

 1st: WooT-Conary!

2nd: WooT-Slidair!

3rd: SuperScuba  




Upcomming Contests:


Brawl tourney Host: SS101

2010 MKW Season Host: SuperScuba